Playbooks to start and stop virtualbox vms to test your playbook.

When you write playbooks you would like to test on virtual machine before. More you learn ansible, more playbooks you write. You use snapshots to keep your vm at the right state. It becomes time consuming to start, stop and restore your vms.

Here comes testible, an easy and ansible way to start vm at state, test your playbooks, stop and restore state.

Quick start

Download playbooks

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ioO/testible/master/start.yml
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ioO/testible/master/stop.yml

Add ansible.cfg and set inventory

In the directory where you have downloaded playbooks add ansible.cfg file and set the inventory path:

# ansible.cfg
inventory = ./hosts


Even if your inventory and host vars are in the same folder that the 2 playbooks, define the inventory to ./hosts. Both playbooks that start and stop vm are including vars of vm based on inventory_dir var.

Get uuid of virtualbox vm and snapshots

To get your vm uuid, run:

$ VBoxManage list vms

To get your vm snapshots, run:

$ VBoxManage snapshot uuid list

Set inventory and host_vars

In hosts file add localhost and vm:

localhost ansible_connection=local

For each vm you need to add a var file. In hosts_vars/vm_name add:

  uuid: vm_uuid
    snap_name: snapshot_uuid

Start and stop vm

To start your vm and restore a snapshot:

ansible-playbook start.yml  --extra-vars='{"vm": "vm_name", "snapshot": "snap_name"}'

To stop your vm:

ansible-playbook stop.yml  --extra-vars='{"vm": "vm_name"}'